Merlin awarded Best Value Textile Brand in Bennetts customer survey

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Merlin awarded Best Value Textile Brand in Bennetts customer survey

Back in May, Bennetts conducted a survey of their 1,898 Bike Social community members to find out what riders look for in their protective bike kit, to serve as a guide for other bikers as they look to choose their next set of gear.

The survey covered every area you could possibly think of – from the warmth offered to waterproofing and pocket usability/capacity. At the end of the video Bennetts published to reveal the results, the scores were tallied up and three categories were awarded – and we’re very pleased to share that we were the lucky recipients of one of those awards!

The Bennetts Bike Social community voted Merlin as the Best Value Textile Brand, but it’s not just in the overall category where we excelled. 

Within the three final categories: Best Value, Best Made and Brand Satisfaction we consistently finished within the top five, both joining and beating some of the biggest names in the industry.

Throughout the video, various categories were covered off where Merlin performed well above average. 

In the ‘pockets: ease of use & capacity’ category, customers voted Merlin as the top dog. We know that carrying backpacks on bikes can be cumbersome and sometimes, panniers and top boxes just aren’t practical. So we pack in the pockets wherever we can to make things easier for our riders, and we’re grateful that our customers appreciate it just as much as we do. Check out the graph below for the full results.

Our customers voted our pockets a cut above the rest!

Elsewhere, we also shone in the Most Waterproof category, ‘Main Zip: Ease of Use and Security’ category and the Fit category. Take a look at the graphs in the carousel below to see how we stacked up.

We’re genuinely chuffed to have been voted the Best Value Textile Brand. At Merlin, it has always been our mission to deliver high quality, stylish and protective motorcycle clothing at an attainable price point that is accessible to every kind of rider, and we’re proud to have been recognised for that by the people who know us best – our customers.

We're proud to have been voted the Best Value Textile Brand!

Interested in seeing the full results? Head over to the Bennetts YouTube channel here to view the full video.

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Published on September 9, 2022 by Emily Macbeth