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Motorcycle Retailers

“Let’s support retailers during these challenging times as bricks and mortar resellers are impacted by lockdowns and COVID restrictions.”

During these unprecedented times of uncertainty and lockdowns throughout the UK, Merlin is compelled to support the motorcycle industry, which has been hit by the retail shutdown.

There’s no doubt that throughout 2020 and 2021 the industry’s core bricks and mortar shops have been and will continue to be severely impacted due to closing the doors of physical stores and/or lack of staffing to fulfil online business.

 Merlin is extremely grateful for the many years of commitment and support received from bricks and mortar resellers and in the current situation, Merlin is launching this consumer delivery system to play its part in supporting the industry, by providing revenue even where the store doors are closed or impacted by Covid measures.

We are providing the ability for consumers to receive products directly from Merlin and give a full margin commission to that consumer’s nearest/nominated Merlin UK authorised reseller, following purchase. The commission provided is for the entire margin that would have been earned had that item been handled and processed through the retail store. This will help cashflow for retailers during the current challenging times.

This initiative applies to our home market (UK) retailers only. To purchase your item please visit our UK Shop+.

Ride Safe, Merlin.