The Future

A More Connected Future



“Merlin’s core vision and strategy will continue but the connection to the community we love will grow.”

Merlin has been and will be going forward a brand focused on developing the finest products for riders on all forms of two wheels; whether that be petrol, electric or hybrid. There’s no distraction from our goal of delivering this in a fast-changing world, with quickly evolving rider trends, regulations and buying habits. Merlin will be ensuring that it stays at the forefront of powered two-wheel transport.

What you will see differently from Merlin in the near future is a more connected and engaged brand within the riding community. This will come through organized events, community programs and brand initiatives.

As riders ourselves we love and value what two-wheel transport offers and we will be playing our part in the community; supporting current riders and enabling new riders onto to wheels. The team are engaged in several future projects already (without revealing too much!), which you’ll see shortly.

Furthermore, Merlin’s future will be working to be a more responsible brand that is even more considered and transparent through the eco-system of material sourcing, manufacturing processes, wastage, shipping, packaging solutions and employee wellbeing.