Behind The Brand


Merlin was formed by five passionate and experienced riders. From a small barn conversion in the British heart of automotive manufacturing, Merlin launched its first collection in 2012.

From this small collection Merlin is now one of the fastest growing motorcycle brands; recognized for style, technical innovation and quality.


The five founders of Merlin have passed on their experience, vision and design philosophy to the next generation.

Today’s team is a combination of youth and experience, where freedom to explore and express creativity is encouraged. Merlin is made up of a passionate team, each sharing in the same culture and goal.


Merlin’s goal from the outset came from personal experiences, wanting to break the norm and ultimately redefining what was possible, at price points reachable for the everyday rider.

Today this core goal remains but has developed into rider focussed collections where no matter your riding style we have something tailored for you.


2021 and beyond will be an exciting time for riders as we play a bigger part in the community that we love. Further, we will maintain focus on continuing our development of class-leading products through the quickly evolving transport network. The team are never satisfied and are already engaged in future projects, to be seen shortly.