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“Our Heritage Collection is a celebration of bike culture, being an individual, with an appreciation of the past but with modern, technical improvements.”



With an appreciation and passion for the café, custom, classic or retro bike culture; there’s a deep-rooted personal aspiration within riders to have a distinctive style too; representing your personality and individuality. The two worlds of old and new combine within our Heritage Collection, where the best of British combines to create highly technical and safety orientated products, with a timeless appeal.

The Heritage scene has exploded in recent years and whilst Merlin developed this collection because there were so many riders looking for protective motorcycle clothing with a timeless style; little did Merlin know that when it set out with the first men’s and ladies wax jackets, that the demand would be so strong. Riders immediately felt excited by our Heritage collection and the creation of not just wax cotton but leather and accessory pieces too, all at great price points.

Today Merlin is recognized as the leading Heritage brand offering a complete head to toe clothing solution in this Heritage category. The craftsmanship and technology that goes into every product do not come at the cost of affordability. Our goal has always been to bring an aspirational product to the everyday rider.

Looking at some of what makes our product so special, from the outer shell, impact protectors, trims and hardware you can see no corners are cut in creating these stunning Heritage garments.

“It is not a case of style over substance. Our Heritage Collection is brought together by a host of key brand ingredients.”