The Merlin Biker Collective

The Merlin Biker Collective Every day passion, just like you. The Merlin Biker Collective brings together
motorcycle enthusiasts to give you the most authentic views on our gear

Join the Merlin Biker Collective


We’re forming The Merlin Biker Collective – a group of everyday, passionate, content creating motorcycle riders. Could you be the new face of Merlin?

If you love nothing more than taking to two wheels when time allows, and have a knack for creating stunning content to celebrate your love of motorcycling, then we need you.

Everyone loves a freebie, right? As long as you’re a member of the Merlin Biker Collective, you’ll never have to pay for gear again. We’ll kit you out twice a year in over £1500 worth of Merlin – that’s a jacket, trousers, gloves and boots from a mix of our collections. Not only that, you’ll have the chance to join us on press days and photo shoots with professional photographers, and maybe the biggest bonus – you’ll get to meet a group of like-minded people who love motorcycling just as much as you do.


The Merlin Biker Collective search is now closed

Thank you for all of your applications!

We’re now working our way through them and will reveal the successful applicants here very soon.