The Merlin Biker Collective

the Merlin biker collective banner The Merlin Biker Collective Every day passion, just like you. The Merlin Biker Collective brings together
motorcycle enthusiasts to give you the most authentic views on our gear

Introducing the Merlin Biker Collective


We’ve launched the Merlin Biker Collective – a group of everyday motorcyclists with a passion for two wheels and storytelling.

We know what it means to be a biker, but we make product for the consumer and not ourselves, so it’s important that we let them tell the story of Merlin too.

That’s where the Biker Collective comes in. Our vision: We take three everyday motorcyclists who love getting on two wheels, kit them out in the latest and greatest from Merlin, and support them in creating content in their journey of informing the wider community about our gear.

Not only will they be reviewing our current offerings, they’ll also receive exclusive access to upcoming product to provide their feedback and give suggestions for improvement before the product hits the market. They’ll put real-world miles onto our kit and give us feedback during the development and production process and be encouraged to give honest feedback during their rides, which will be published across a range of online and print outlets.

After sifting through all the brilliant applications and wishing we could take absolutely everyone on to be a part of the Biker Collective, we finally settled on the final three. You’ll be able to get to know them more over the next few days with a series of biographies, but in the meantime, allow us to briefly introduce the first leg of the Merlin Biker Collective.

Keep up-to-date with the Biker Collective on the Merlin Blog.


Zak Johnson

35-year-old Zak is the founder of sustainable fashion brand NAECO and the proud owner of a custom Harley Davidson Forty-Eight bobber. While relatively new to motorcycling having had his licence for under a year, Zak is quickly racking up the miles and knows what he likes in his riding gear – citing sustainability and textile quality as high priorities. Already owning six Merlin items, Zak’s familiar with the Merlin offering and quality already. Follow Zak on Instagram @thebobbergram and head over to his bio to read about his biking life.

Annette Norman

Annette was the first Biker Collective member to be selected. At 41-years-old, Annette has held her licence for just over three years and says she’s making up for lost two-wheeled time. Currently riding a Triumph Speed Twin 1200 and a CCM Spitfire Blackout, Netty has truly thrown herself into biking culture in her short time riding. Having already completed a two-wheeled adventure around Southern Spain with partner Dave, Annette has more planned for 2022. Follow Annette on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube @nets_sleds and head to her bio to read more about her love of biking.

Nate Kwarteng

Freelance front-end web developer by day, avid motorcycle blogger by night, 44-year-old Nate has been riding for six years with a Triumph Thruxton 1200 R as his current ride. Nate runs the website Renchlist, an uber-cool platform sharing the latest news and reviews from the world of retro and heritage motorcycling. Living on the outskirts of Liverpool means Nate has the stunning scenery of Snowdonia near enough on his doorstep, something he intends to explore more of in 2022. Follow Nate on Instagram @motophotonate and head to his biography to read more about his love of two wheels.