Leisure Moto Collection

“Our Leisure Moto Collection encapsulates everything great about trends and fashion, with utmost attention to the protection and safety of the rider.”



The way we ride has changed and the expectation of how we gear up to ride, has done so too. The desire for apparel that can transition between the motorcycle and everyday environments has increased and Merlin has been at the forefront of dedicating a whole category to this type of rider, coined by us as the Leisure Moto Collection.

This cross over protective-leisure scene many years ago was never defined, it was an afterthought by many to leather suits and heavy textiles. As riders ourselves we grew tired of accepting that to jump on the bike and visit the shops, a restaurant or commute to work, you had to spend a lengthy amount of time kitting up and upon arrival be immediately seen as ‘a biker’.

Merlin’s product team have been able to create a wide collection of apparel that answers the problem of function and on-trend style when off the bike. Throw on one of our hoodies, get into a pair of our jeans and lace-up in our casual boots then arrive at your destination and be immediately comfortable.

Given the goal of creating on-trend, high street inspired fashion garments without compromising on safety, comfort or performance, the products available in this collection are 100% motorcycle ready. Our Leisure Moto products incorporate world-class protective liners, the best slim profile absorbing impact armour and innovative CE single layer fabrics, amongst others.

Today Merlin is recognized as the leading Leisure Moto provider after defining this category some years ago, offering a complete head to toe clothing solution. The styling and technology that goes into every product does not come at the cost of affordability. Our goal has always been to bring aspirational product to the everyday rider.

Looking at what makes our product so special, from the outer shell, impact protectors, trims and hardware, you can see that no corners are cut in creating these stunning Leisure Moto garments.

“It is not a case of style over substance. Our Leisure Moto Collection is brought together by a host of key brand ingredients.”