The Team

A Team Built On Experience, Vision and Purpose



“Merlin’s results have come from a successful team culture and one that is exciting for new colleagues who are looking to make a big difference to riders’.”


In our offices here in the UK the team may be divided into specialist departments but collaboration and synergy are key. Each specialised team has a common goal that is to create best in class motorcycle clothing through style, technical innovation and quality. These combine through the conceptualisation and delivery of our brand and product team, to exceed expectations and redefine what was thought to be possible from motorcycle clothing.

Each Merlin collection is underpinned first and foremost for the safety of every rider. With a child-like curiosity and a drive to finding the best, innovative fabrics and components in a bid to also improve style and comfort, we can combine the best of both worlds in our products, protective comfort. The product development team continues to push the boundaries and set new benchmarks within the industry.


Durability and quality are two factors that ultimately improve rider safety during the life of a product and this is a key area that has underpinned Merlin since forming in 2012. At the forefront of any new product development, the R&D methods implemented by the team, with the use of the latest test methods contribute massively to the outcome.

Merlin tests fabric and components by using the most up to date test machines (for example, the Darmstadt abrasion testing machine) and then utilises a unique quality control process to ensure consistent quality from raw state to finished goods. These steps play a huge part in regulation compliance, a growing area of importance and a stamp of approval for each article created for the EU, UK and other markets such as the US and Australia.

In line with our company culture, the team is encouraged to challenge and improve working methods of which in the coming years the investment in R&D will see Merlin create further exciting innovations.


To assist a growing reseller network our sales and support team are vital in the expansion and aftercare of our network, working for the benefit of our customers around the world.

The priority underpinning their approach is to ensure that our open and honest internal culture is represented in every one of our sales partner channels. From there, the sales and support team only choose to work with those that are the most responsible Merlin partners, ensuring customers receive the best service and aftercare. This department works tirelessly to provide and maintain these exceptional standards.

Further, as Merlin’s exposure grows more riders are seeking out our products and whilst we have a long way to go in serving all markets effectively, this team is responsible for the acquisition of channels globally.


Our supply chain and warehousing team are the logistical backbones of Merlin, overseeing an ecosystem of manufacturers, suppliers, transport solutions and customers. With a network of 20 international markets, the team manages each of these areas successfully, providing fulfilment across more than 80 product styles in a smooth and timely manner. Never sitting still, the team are dedicated to improving our standards and exceeding the increased consumer expectation of the last few years regarding product information and availability; known as the ‘Amazon Effect’.


Behind every strong brand is a robust financial department with exceptional skills to support a brand as it quickly grows across global markets. This is no different for Merlin with a financial department that is led by an FD with vast experience. There are many challenges within a quickly growing brand that is constantly designing, developing, testing, manufacturing and shipping to global partners, but the finance team are the unsung team players of Merlin with a resourceful, energetic and forward-thinking approach to every challenge that is thrown their way.