Our Goal

Independent British Motorcycle Clothing



Starting in 2012, Merlin was formed with one goal; to redefine what was possible from motorcycle clothing by delivering product loaded with innovation, high quality components and fabrics, at every day prices.

As a new British brand, we sought to do things differently by uniquely approaching the development of product. Motorcycle brands traditionally had an uninspiring approach of introducing new collections year after year that were similar to the last and similar to product already available to riders. No matter where you shopped for your riding gear, most stores offered the same type of product and in these, there was little innovation, little differentiation and little focus on what riders really wanted.

Merlin was formed by five passionate and experienced riders who, just like their riding buddies, felt that motorcycle clothing was uninspiring, typically unflattering and of poor quality unless you had serious money to spend. It wasn’t long before we changed this perception of the market. The Merlin brand quickly became recognized in the UK for mixing things up, leading from the front and ultimately creating product that was exciting and relevant for riders’ needs. Our unique approach was just as relevant outside of our home market and has seen Merlin broaden its reach to the likes of the US, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Our rider-focused collections have evolved over the years proving we are always leading the trends, exciting riders season after season. By creating the right product through the use of the finest materials and components, with on-trend styles and great value for money in each price point, there’s an exciting discovery of Merlin that takes place for many riders through social media and exposure in the largest retail outlets globally.

Ultimately, we are riders just like you and our goal is to create motorcycle clothing that redefines your expectations, showcases your personality and complements your bike, without compromising on safety, function or performance.