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Merlin awarded Best Value Textile Brand in Bennetts customer survey

Back in May, Bennetts conducted a survey of their 1,898 Bike Social community members to find out what riders look for in their protective bike kit, to serve as a guide for other bikers as they look to choose their next set of gear.

The survey covered every area you could possibly think of – from the warmth offered to waterproofing and pocket usability/capacity. At the end of the video Bennetts published to reveal the results, the scores were tallied up and three categories were awarded – and we’re very pleased to share that we were the lucky recipients of one of those awards!

The Bennetts Bike Social community voted Merlin as the Best Value Textile Brand, but it’s not just in the overall category where we excelled. 

Within the three final categories: Best Value, Best Made and Brand Satisfaction we consistently finished within the top five, both joining and beating some of the biggest names in the industry.

Throughout the video, various categories were covered off where Merlin performed well above average. 

In the ‘pockets: ease of use & capacity’ category, customers voted Merlin as the top dog. We know that carrying backpacks on bikes can be cumbersome and sometimes, panniers and top boxes just aren’t practical. So we pack in the pockets wherever we can to make things easier for our riders, and we’re grateful that our customers appreciate it just as much as we do. Check out the graph below for the full results.

Our customers voted our pockets a cut above the rest!

Elsewhere, we also shone in the Most Waterproof category, ‘Main Zip: Ease of Use and Security’ category and the Fit category. Take a look at the graphs in the carousel below to see how we stacked up.

We’re genuinely chuffed to have been voted the Best Value Textile Brand. At Merlin, it has always been our mission to deliver high quality, stylish and protective motorcycle clothing at an attainable price point that is accessible to every kind of rider, and we’re proud to have been recognised for that by the people who know us best – our customers.

We're proud to have been voted the Best Value Textile Brand!

Interested in seeing the full results? Head over to the Bennetts YouTube channel here to view the full video.

Bennetts also tested out the Monty jacket and Lombard trousers. Read John’s review here.




Published on September 9, 2022 by Emily Macbeth

The Biker Collective joins Merlin at Burntwood HQ

On July 1st we were finally able to round up Annette, Zak and Nate – a.k.a The Biker Collective for a day at Merlin, consisting of product training and ending with a ride-out and photoshoot on Cannock Chase.

A typically drizzly start to the day didn’t dampen the spirits of the Collective. Arrival at our HQ from a bright-eyed trio proved instantly that they were eager to learn more about Merlin and the product we offer.

After peeling themselves out of their damp bike gear, Annette pulled a box of beautiful bike-shaped shortbreads out of her bag that she’d made herself – much to the delight of the Collective and the entire Merlin team (including those who weren’t even in the room!)

Motorcycle shaped shortbreads
Annette kept the Collective (and the Merlin team) fed with some motorcycle shaped treats

Sitting down in the Merlin showroom with coffees in hand, the day began with an introduction to the brand. Here the Collective learned more about how the Merlin brand came to be; from the people behind the brand to how we got to where we are today, and about our plans for the future.

Then, to the most exciting part – the product. Moving through the three core collections – Explorer, Heritage and Leisure Moto, we spoke about the key materials that make up each garment and the story behind the collections.

The three rider segments are a key part of Merlin and what we do. They allow us to cover most styles of riding without sacrificing features or quality while all having a distinct style.

Rather than simply being fed lots of technical and confusing information, we encouraged touch and feel – it’s a great way to really begin to understand what we offer. The Collective didn’t need to be told twice – straight away they were reaching for the jackets and trying them on for size as their wish lists got longer (and more expensive!)

Merlin Brody Shirt in camel
Merlin Drifter jacket in black
Merlin Brody Shirt in camel

With knowledge imparted and Annette, Zak and Nate soaking it up like sponges, they kitted back up into their slightly damp gear and we headed out to Cannock Chase for a ride-out and photoshoot.

Of course, in typical British style the heavens remained open for the entire time but again the vibe wasn’t dampened at all – and a British brand + a rainy photoshoot day seemed rather fitting.

We travelled the few miles to the Chase, parking up in the drizzle to capture some shots of the three of them as well as the Merlin gear they were clad in and of course, their stunning bikes. It was also important to get some images of the Collective together – considering it was their first time meeting each other they were acting like old friends, which was incredibly refreshing for us to see. 

Merlin Biker Collective
Say cheese! The Biker Collective stop for a quick selfie

Despite the rain beginning to hit harder, spirits remained high and the three enjoyed (we hope) the opportunity to grab some professional snaps of themselves.

Before heading back to base, we decided to capture a few riding shots with the Collective riding up and back down the road past the photographer to grab some shots of the three of them riding together for the first time. Back and forth, in formation and never stepping out of line – this didn’t appear to be their first rodeo.

We returned to HQ for lunch before the Collective headed home slightly damp, but with heads full of Merlin.

Never once out of formation, the Biker Collective had done this before...

It was incredibly cool to get an insight into Merlin’s product development process, including raw material selection and creation, alongside the motivation behind the designs. I’m certain the feel, look and utility of (soon-to-be-released) new products are going to excite fans of Merlin.

Also, it was great to hang out with my fellow riders from the Merlin Biker Collective a.k.a. MBC. I’m looking forward to many more ride-outs with them.” Nate said of his day at Merlin HQ.

Zak said: “Being part of the Merlin Biker Collective for me has always been about being closer to the products I know and love to wear each day. During our time together I really got to understand more about why certain products look the way they do, the fabrics used and the features behind them. 

I think the best thing for me was being able to see the whole range in one place like never before and seeing the sheer diversity to the range. The sustainable fabrics now being used inspired me to what the future of the industry could look like and resonated with me. The fact I am not compromising on quality or my own safety by treading a little lighter on the planet was also a key take away from the day. I can’t wait to see what 2022 and beyond brings for the Merlin team. Thanks for having me as one of the squad.”

Finally, Annette said: “I had such an enjoyable full-packed day with the Merlin team and getting to know Nate & Zak the other 2/3rds of the Merlin Biker Collective. The opportunity to be immersed in the Merlin journey, seeing, touching and feeling the collections. It was great to learn about each garment and the array of thoughtful features. 



Published on August 8, 2022 by Emily Macbeth

Merlin at Adventure Bike Rider Festival 2022

Three cheers to ABR Festival 2022

Three weeks ago, Merlin rolled up to Ragley Hall, Warwickshire for the 2022 installment of the Adventure Bike Rider Festival.

Our minds have been blown since we launched the Explorer Collection earlier this year, but we knew we had to take things one step further. As Explorer appeals to the adventure riders among us, we wanted to take it to them to gauge reaction… and we weren’t disappointed.

Set in the vast land under the shadow of the beautiful Ragley Hall, ABR Festival has gone from strength to strength since its inception. A three day celebration of everything adventure bike related, ABR Festival also features live music, talks from inspirational figures in the industry, more food than you could shake a stick at and plenty of opportunities for a good time.

So here’s a rundown of Merlin’s time at this year’s edition…

Merlin Bike Gear at ABR Festival 2022
Our set up at this year's Adventure Bike Rider Festival - good luck missing those flags!

The build… 

Starting with a plain white shell, we wanted to inspire people within. Situated opposite the Yamaha Tenere speakers tent within the exhibitors village, we were in the ideal spot for welcoming riders.

Inside the Merlin marquee, the entire Explorer Collection went on display for the first time. From Mahala to Mojave, every item was available for the public to touch, try on and ask questions about. There were even a few sneaky peaks at our upcoming Autumn Winter ‘22 additions, but we can’t show you those here I’m afraid…

Merlin at ABR Festival 2022
An ordering point allowed riders to access the entire Merlin catalogue in one place, with orders made through Sportsbikeshop
Merlin at ABR Festival 2022
Keeping a watchful eye over proceedings, we saw hundreds of riders visit us over the weekend
Merlin at ABR Festival 2022
Barry and Dave prefer to travel in style...

Our two esteemed colleagues, Barry and Dave, sat atop a Triumph Tiger 900 and Honda Africa Twin respectively for the duration of the festival adorned in Explorer, while a chill-out zone in the middle offered the perfect respite for achy biker feet after a long day on the trails.

An iPad ordering point allowed visitors to purchase Merlin gear with an exclusive festival discount of 15% through one of the UK’s largest motorcycle clothing retailers, Sportsbikeshop.

Outside the marquee, the two Merlin-branded vehicles. Which brings us on to our next point…

The stars of the show

Attracting the attention of anyone and everyone who walked past – no, not the gorgeous Merlin staff who manned the stand all weekend – the two Merlin-branded vehicles were difficult to miss. The black and gold van and Defender sat side-by-side, truly stealing the show and attracting choruses of “wow! Is that paint or a wrap?” 

Merlin at ABR Festival 2022
The two branded Merlin vehicles were the head turners of our stand

In fact, many people stopped to snap pictures with them over the weekend, so if you were one of those people then please share your pictures with us! 

The people

There’s nothing better than thousands of people who all share the same passions and interests coming together in one place. Over the course of the weekend we met with hundreds of people who just wanted to talk – about the trips they were taking and the epics they’d already been on, about the gear they wore on said epics, and some simply just wanted to talk about us.

Merlin at Adventure Bike Rider Festival 2022
We were blown away by the support and feedback we received from bikers at this year's Festival

While Merlin has been on the bike scene for over ten years, this is our first foray into the adventure segment and while some of those we met already owned Merlin heritage gear, some hadn’t heard of us before. But you best believe they had by the time they left. We proudly introduced ourselves, and subsequently received great feedback from the die-hard adventure riders, with some even purchasing from our Explorer Collection there and then.

The feedback

Everyone we welcomed onto our stand over the weekend was open to learning more about us and exploring the new range for themselves. Outlaw, our new smock, was undoubtedly the most popular item of the weekend, with many complimenting us on its unique styling and on our move towards a more sustainable future.

The buzz

And what a buzz it was. From the set-up day on Wednesday to the take-down day on Sunday, the atmosphere was electric. Everyone was immersed in the live music, the food available and most notably, the seemingly endless amount of opportunities to get out and ride. Be it your own bike or a manufacturer demo, there was something for everyone to get their teeth into.

Merlin at ABR Festival 2022
Everyone who visited us was keen to get stuck in and learn more about our brand
Adventure Bike Rider Festival 2022
There were tons of opportunities to get on and ride - unfortunately the Merlin team didn't get time this year!
Adventure Bike Rider Festival 2022
... and what a welcome it was!

This is not goodbye…

We had such a cracking time at this year’s festival and feel we really had the opportunity to begin cementing ourselves in this category. Which is why we’re already making preparations for next year’s festival – we just can’t stay away!

If you came to visit us at this year’s Adventure Bike Rider Festival and have pictures you’d like to share, please send them to or tag us on Facebook or Instagram @merlinbikegear – we’d love to see them! 

You can also check out our ABR Festival 2022 video on YouTube now.

Early bird tickets for next year’s festival are already on sale, get yours now so you don’t miss out!

Published on Friday, July 15th by Emily Macbeth

Four reasons to visit Merlin at Adventure Bike Rider Festival 2022

For the very first time since the festival’s inception, Merlin will be exhibiting at the 2022 Adventure Bike Rider Festival at Ragley Hall, Warwickshire.

Here’s four reasons why you should make Merlin your number one stop at one of the biggest biking events of the year

Reason 1: See the new Explorer Collection in full

For the first time, we’ll be displaying our new Explorer Collection in full. With versatility and rider comfort at its core, the Explorer range is our take on traditional adventure motorcycle clothing.

Merlin Mahala Cordura Explorer Motorcycle jacket in Black/Olive

Explorer creates the perfect heritage-adventure blend using Halley Stevensons® waxed cotton, Cordura® cotton and D3O® armour. On top of this, we’ve introduced a shift towards a more sustainable future by utilising Halley’s 100% organic ripstop cotton.

Our Explorer Collection will be available to view in full at the festival, with items available to try on.

Reason 2: We’ll be powered by the UK’s biggest online retailer

From Thursday 23rd to midnight Sunday 26th June, we’ll be teaming up with the UK’s biggest online clothing retailer Sportsbikeshop to offer 15% off the entire Merlin range.

A drone image of Sportsbikeshop in Boston Lincolnshire

At our stand you’ll be able to use the iPad to browse Sportsbikeshop’s Merlin range. Purchase there and then for your item to be waiting for you when you arrive home!

Whether looking for a durable Explorer jacket or a pair of riding jeans, they’ll all be available for purchase during the weekend.

Reason 3: See new Merlin products before anyone else

We’ll be bringing along a few unreleased items to ABR Festival, giving attendees a first-look at what we have in store for the future of our Explorer Collection.

So if you pop along and see us, you’ll get a first glimpse of our Autumn Winter 2022 range and be able to try it on and even give us your honest initial thoughts.

Reason 4: Take a load off and meet the team behind the brand

Had a busy day on the trails testing out all the newest machinery? The chill-out area on the Merlin stand will offer the perfect comfortable break out zone.

Pop along, put your boots up and chill out while having a flick through the Merlin catalogue.

The Merlin team will be on-hand to answer any questions you might have about the brand or any of the products.

Tempted? Limited tickets are still available to buy online in advance here.

A lifestyle image of the Merlin Drifter jacket in Olive

A closer look at the Merlin Spring Summer 2022 Collection

You can tell summer is nearly upon us. 

Apart from the (occasional) blasts of sunshine and heat, it’s also time for another new Merlin gear drop.

Our Spring Summer 2022 Collection is rolling in thick and fast, so let us introduce you to some of the products you can expect to see hitting your local retailers very soon.

Outlaw D3O Smock

The Outlaw Smock leads the SS22 Collection, joining the Explorer Collection and introducing a combination of new ideas to the Merlin range.

First and foremost, Outlaw is one of the first in our entire range to be made from 100% organic cotton. The Ripstop outer is provided by our long-time partner Halley Stevensons, who also provide all the waxes for our Tech Wax and Traditional Wax offerings. In addition, the cotton uses 45% less CO2e and 50% less water in production and has a fluorocarbon-free finish, making Outlaw a futureproof option for the eco-conscious rider.

The Halley outer isn’t just better for the environment, it’s still seriously protective. Ripstop is woven into a crosshatch pattern which provides enhanced reinforcement against ripping and tearing, and overall Outlaw achieves a CE Level ‘A’ in line with the newest testing standard EN17092.

Elsewhere, Outlaw is backed by D3O®’s LP1 shoulder and elbow armour and a D3O® Viper Stealth back protector. Their CP1 chest protectors can also be fitted as an optional extra if required.

The biggest draw of Outlaw is its smock styling. Now you can carry everything but the kitchen sink in the large pouch pocket on the front, which has an additional pocket behind it to give riders even more room to stash gloves, maps or whatever your heart desires. 

The three-panel hood offers a closer fit but if you don’t want to ride with it it can be unzipped and put to one side in favour of a more summery style with an option to pin back the collar if required.

Outlaw also receives a Texland Humax waterproof membrane and a jacket-to-jean connector zip for the attachment of Merlin jeans. It’s available now in Black or Green in sizes S-4XL. Find your nearest Outlaw stockist here.

Drifter D3O Jacket

Those who aren’t such a fan of the Outlaw styling may wish to opt for the Drifter jacket instead.

Made from the same 100% organic cotton Halley Stevensons Ripstop outer as Outlaw, Drifter is styled like a more traditional motorcycle jacket. Backed by a five-piece set of D3O® armour (shoulders, elbows, back) with overall CE Level ‘A’ approval and with the option to add their CP1 chest protectors, Drifter is as protective as it is stylish.

On the front, large pockets are backed by magnetic hand warmer pockets, while on the chest the two ventilation points allow cool air to flow around the body. 

A Texland Humax waterproof membrane backs up the fluorocarbon-free waterproof repellent treatment for wet weather riding, while multiple adjustment points allow a more personalised fit.

Drifter is available now in sizes S-4XL in either Black or Green. You can find your nearest stockist here.

Mahala Raid Jacket and Trousers

We launched the original Mahala jacket and trousers as part of our Autumn Winter 2021 range, offering riders a versatile yet stylish alternative to traditional bulky adventure gear. Now, for Spring Summer 2022, we introduce the Mahala Raid.

The Mahala Raid jacket provides stacks of cool airflow for riders looking to explore hotter climates. The large mesh panels on the chest, arms and back drag in cool air to keep it circulating around the body, while the abrasion resistant Cordura® water-repellent outer combined with a five-piece D3O® armour set (shoulders, elbows, back) inspires confidence in protection.

Multiple adjustment points to the bicep, forearm, cuff, waist and hem allow a more tailored fit for the rider, while both long and short connection zips allow easy connection to Merlin jeans.

The Mahala Raid jacket is available now in Black/Sand, Black/Olive or Black in sizes S-3XL.

The Mahala Raid trousers can easily be attached to the matching jacket for the ultimate warm weather riding set. Constructed from the same abrasion-resistant Cordura®, the Raid trousers feature large mesh panels on the thighs to drag in cool air when it’s needed most. 

D3O® protectors to the hips and knees offer protection, and the trousers are finished off with subtle Merlin-branded snap studs and high-quality YKK® zippers.

The Mahala Raid trousers are available now in Black/Sand, Black/Olive or Black in sizes S-4XL in a choice of regular (32in) or short (30in) leg lengths.

Brody Riding Shirt

Joining the Heritage line-up for 2022, the Brody Riding Shirt allows you to ride in style without compromising on safety.

The first of its kind within the Merlin range, Brody is a single-layer shirt, making it lighter in weight, more flexible and above all more comfortable to ride in. Brody has 220gsm Kevlar weaved into the outer stretch cotton construction, with its protective qualities rated to CE Level ‘AA’ when tested to the new EN17092 standard.

In addition, Brody is backed by a set of D3O®’s flexible Ghost shoulder and elbow armour, and there’s a pocket for an optional D3O® Viper Stealth back protector in size large

Brody oozes retro style in its three colour options – black, camel or green – which are all finished off with brass Merlin-branded snap studs and a discreet heritage Merlin patch on the left bicep.

There are pockets aplenty on Brody, with two large zipped side entry pockets, two buttoned chest pockets and a small card-size pocket on the arm, as well as internal storage pockets. 

The Brody shirt will be available in the coming weeks in sizes S-4XL. 

Sherbrook Riding Shirt

Our Axe riding shirt has been incredibly popular since its release, so for Spring Summer ‘22 we’re taking it one step further.

Sherbrook builds on Axe’s success, offering the same popular checkered style in a single layer riding shirt with Kevlar™ weaved into the outer cotton, making for a lightweight, comfortable riding shirt which achieves CE Level ‘A’.

It’s pre-fitted with D3O®’s flexible Ghost shoulder and elbow armour with a pocket for an optional D3O® Viper Stealth back protector

Within the Sherbrook shirt it’s the smaller, rider-specific details that make the difference. The central zipper is covered over with a colour matching closure and pop buttons to protect bike paintwork, while a branded reflective panel has been added to the rear of the shirt to help increase visibility at night. 

Sherbrook comes in Red/Black, Grey/Black or Green/Black in sizes S-4XL, and will be available from many Merlin retailers in the coming weeks.

New Single Layer Riding Jeans

For 2022 we introduce a range of new riding jeans to our expansive denim range.

While the four new jeans are different in style they all share one common feature. They’re all single-layer jeans with abrasion resistant Cordura® weaved in, making for a comfortable, flexible yet safe riding jean that can be worn both on and off the bike.

Dunford and Alexander share very similar styling cues, inspired by traditional high-street jeans but with biking protection. D3O®’s flexible Ghost armour is pre-fitted to the knees and hips and the jeans are certified to CE Level ‘AA’. 

Alexander is available in blue only with a regular (32in) leg length, and is slightly more fitted from the knee down than Dunford, which is only available in black with a choice of short (30in) or regular (32in) leg lengths. Both jeans come in sizes 30-40.

The Zoey jean features the same great specifications as Dunford and Alexander, but in a flattering female-specific fit. Available in a regular (31in) leg length only, Zoey size from 8-18.

Finally, the Warren jean takes traditional cargo styling and inserts biking protection for a practical pair of riding jeans. The single-layer Cordura® outer is backed by D3O® hip and knee armour, and two expandable pleated cargo pockets on each thigh offer plenty of carrying space for smaller items. Warren are available in a regular (32in) leg length in sizes 30-40.

Shenstone glove

The final new addition to the Merlin line-up – the Shenstone glove. Designed to be paired with the already incredibly popular Shenstone Air jacket, the matching glove features mesh on the fingers and back of the hand, and punched leather throughout for improved airflow while riding.

Made from premium cowhide leather, the Shenstone glove benefits from D3O® knuckle armour and accordion stretch panels to the back of the hand for enhanced comfort. 

They will be available soon in black or brown, in sizes S-3XL. 


You can find your nearest Merlin stockist by using our ‘Find a Stockist’ page here.


Published on 27 May, 2022 by Emily Macbeth

Our top five tech wax jackets… as chosen by you!

Our tech wax range is incredibly popular amongst riders who are looking for a little more versatility in their riding gear. 

Tech Wax refers to Cotec, a waxed cotton designed in collaboration with Halley Stevensons exclusively for us. Cotec is lighter in weight, more breathable and stronger than our traditional Silkwax jackets, achieving a CE rating of ‘AA’ as opposed to the single ‘A’ of Silkwax.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a new jacket, and we agree that there’s no better opinion than that of your fellow riders. So, once you’ve read our guide to choosing a Merlin wax cotton jacket, we’ve pulled together a selection of real customer reviews from some of our retailers.


A customer favourite, our Edale jacket scores highly across the board.

Customers praise Edale for its quality and great value for money. They say it’s comfortable to wear, lightweight and above all, resistant to both cold and rain. One customer comments: “The neck is soft and watertight, while the cuffs fit tight on a second press stud allowing gloves to easily fit over them. I was caught in a downpour on the motorway on its maiden journey and not a drop got through.”  

Offering practicality and style in spades, customers also say it’s a comfortable jacket for riding serious miles in, while being well-fitting and feeling heavy and durable but not uncomfortably so.

Merlin Edale waxed cotton motorcycle jacket in olive

It’s not just our British customers who enjoy riding in an Edale. Praising it mostly for its colder weather capabilities thanks to the Outlast thermal lining, reviewers across the pond also appreciate the attention to detail and compliment the style. 

Edale is made from our Halley Stevensons collaboration Cotec waxed fabric, is pre-fitted with D3O armour to the shoulders and elbows and includes Reissa waterproofing and an Outlast thermal lining.

Shenstone Air

Shenstone Air is ideal for riding in warmer climates thanks to its mesh front, rear and arms.

Shenstone is impressing riders with its ability to cope well in spring/summer riding conditions, with one reviewer saying: The Shenstone is a really good summer jacket that flows the air through nicely. It has a removable liner – not often seen on mesh jackets – which when installed offers a level of wind and water protection which is exactly what you need with our unpredictable weather.” 

As well as complimenting the style and airflow, customers also enjoyed the smaller details in the Shenstone. “The jacket is super nice quality, mega comfortable and looks great on. I love the little details, like the colour coded studs in sleeves to make sure you put the arms of the liner in without twisting them. A lot of thought has gone into the design of this jacket.”

Merlin Shenstone Air waxed cotton motorcycle jacket in olive

And in the parts of the world where, for the most part, riders are getting the most out of the mesh panelling, our customers couldn’t be happier. Riders also like the versatility that comes with Shenstone in its removable thermal lining, with one saying “Nice jacket for riding in hot summers due to the good amount of mesh. Where I live it can get fresher in the mornings and afternoons, and I think the removable liner works very well to keep the wind out a little.” 

Shenstone is constructed from the lightweight, breathable 8oz Cotec waxed cotton with ballistic mesh panelling for increased airflow. A Reissa waterproof membrane can be attached and reattached as necessary, and a five-piece D3O armour set is pre-fitted to the shoulders, elbows and back.


One of our most popular jackets with a timeless style.

One thing customers are most complimentary on is the style of the Perton jacket. “I just love the way this jacket looks. It’s modern retro with the latest technology. The Cotec wax material, heat regulating liner and D3O Armour this is ‘old skool cool’ with a modern twist.” 

When choosing a motorcycle jacket, an accurate, comfortable fit is one of the most important attributes. One reviewer says “outstanding quality jacket combined with a smart tailored fit,” while others commented the jacket fit perfectly to their differing body types.

Merlin Perton waxed cotton motorcycle jacket

Other customers praised versatility, with one calling Perton “a quality item that works really well in hot, cold, dry and wet conditions”, a sentiment echoed across a number of Merlin customer reviews.

Perton is a short cut, classically styled tech wax jacket with weatherproofing from a Reissa waterproof membrane and a removable Outlast thermal liner. D3O shoulder and elbow armour is fitted as standard.

Chigwell Lite

With a summer bias, our Chigwell Lite takes traditional summer riding gear in a different direction.

Of course, the biggest focus and feature of Chigwell Lite is the entirely mesh front, underarms and back and this is where customers leave their praise. Take a look at just a small selection of their glowing reviews of the airflow provided by Chigwell Lite. 

“You get a nice cool breeze flowing through the jacket when riding. It’s so cool you’ll need another layer on more inclement days. On a warm day it does exactly what’s needed.”

“Definitely a fan of the classic cafe racer look while maintaining the utility of the breathability of the mesh lining.”

Merlin Chigwell Lite waxed cotton motorcycle jacket in olive

“It’s soooo ventilated and light that it takes some getting used to while riding since you hardly feel it’s a motorcycle jacket. I’ve been wearing heavy leather jackets all my life while riding and that’s probably why it took me a little longer to get used to it, but it’s worth it on a hot day.”

“This thing is really comfy, moves with your body and the ventilation tech is on another level.”

Chigwell Lite blends the 8oz Cotec waxed cotton outer with mesh panelling and D3O armour to the shoulders, elbows and back.


Our Kurkbury jacket is a hit with customers worldwide. Its belted, longer length style provides a little more coverage for chillier days, while the classic outer styling masks a wealth of modern protection.

Praised for its wearability and style, one reviewer states, “An excellent product at a very competitive price. I’ve used the Kurkbury for cold weather riding and it has done a brilliant job of keeping me at a comfortable temperature. It also looks beautiful; a gorgeous vintage aesthetic with modern technology behind it. Well worth the purchase!”

While another praises the off-bike practicality too. “Absolutely love this jacket. Wanted something that looked good on and off the bike – suffice to say I’ve worn this more off the bike so far! On the bike it has a great weight, feeling sturdy but not restrictive.”

Lifestyle image of Merlin Kurkbury Cotec jacket

Finally, commenting on the seasonality and ‘bang-for-buck’ value, this customer says: “The Kurkbury is everything I’d hoped, quality feel and all the technical spec for an amazing price. I’m turning into a Merlin fanboy. While this is mid summer so I can’t comment on the NASA tech Outlast’s ability to keep you warm, its cooling properties are spot on.” 

Convinced? Head to our Find a Stockist page to locate your nearest Merlin retailer and choose a Tech Wax jacket that suits you.


Reviews collected from Sportsbikeshop, Urban Rider, Revzilla and the Merlin Shopify.