Our top five tech wax jackets… as chosen by you!

Our top five tech wax jackets… as chosen by you!

Our tech wax range is incredibly popular amongst riders who are looking for a little more versatility in their riding gear. 

Tech Wax refers to Cotec, a waxed cotton designed in collaboration with Halley Stevensons exclusively for us. Cotec is lighter in weight, more breathable and stronger than our traditional Silkwax jackets, achieving a CE rating of ‘AA’ as opposed to the single ‘A’ of Silkwax.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a new jacket, and we agree that there’s no better opinion than that of your fellow riders. So, once you’ve read our guide to choosing a Merlin wax cotton jacket, we’ve pulled together a selection of real customer reviews from some of our retailers.


A customer favourite, our Edale jacket scores highly across the board.

Customers praise Edale for its quality and great value for money. They say it’s comfortable to wear, lightweight and above all, resistant to both cold and rain. One customer comments: “The neck is soft and watertight, while the cuffs fit tight on a second press stud allowing gloves to easily fit over them. I was caught in a downpour on the motorway on its maiden journey and not a drop got through.”  

Offering practicality and style in spades, customers also say it’s a comfortable jacket for riding serious miles in, while being well-fitting and feeling heavy and durable but not uncomfortably so.

Merlin Edale waxed cotton motorcycle jacket in olive

It’s not just our British customers who enjoy riding in an Edale. Praising it mostly for its colder weather capabilities thanks to the Outlast thermal lining, reviewers across the pond also appreciate the attention to detail and compliment the style. 

Edale is made from our Halley Stevensons collaboration Cotec waxed fabric, is pre-fitted with D3O armour to the shoulders and elbows and includes Reissa waterproofing and an Outlast thermal lining.

Shenstone Air

Shenstone Air is ideal for riding in warmer climates thanks to its mesh front, rear and arms.

Shenstone is impressing riders with its ability to cope well in spring/summer riding conditions, with one reviewer saying: The Shenstone is a really good summer jacket that flows the air through nicely. It has a removable liner – not often seen on mesh jackets – which when installed offers a level of wind and water protection which is exactly what you need with our unpredictable weather.” 

As well as complimenting the style and airflow, customers also enjoyed the smaller details in the Shenstone. “The jacket is super nice quality, mega comfortable and looks great on. I love the little details, like the colour coded studs in sleeves to make sure you put the arms of the liner in without twisting them. A lot of thought has gone into the design of this jacket.”

Merlin Shenstone Air waxed cotton motorcycle jacket in olive

And in the parts of the world where, for the most part, riders are getting the most out of the mesh panelling, our customers couldn’t be happier. Riders also like the versatility that comes with Shenstone in its removable thermal lining, with one saying “Nice jacket for riding in hot summers due to the good amount of mesh. Where I live it can get fresher in the mornings and afternoons, and I think the removable liner works very well to keep the wind out a little.” 

Shenstone is constructed from the lightweight, breathable 8oz Cotec waxed cotton with ballistic mesh panelling for increased airflow. A Reissa waterproof membrane can be attached and reattached as necessary, and a five-piece D3O armour set is pre-fitted to the shoulders, elbows and back.


One of our most popular jackets with a timeless style.

One thing customers are most complimentary on is the style of the Perton jacket. “I just love the way this jacket looks. It’s modern retro with the latest technology. The Cotec wax material, heat regulating liner and D3O Armour this is ‘old skool cool’ with a modern twist.” 

When choosing a motorcycle jacket, an accurate, comfortable fit is one of the most important attributes. One reviewer says “outstanding quality jacket combined with a smart tailored fit,” while others commented the jacket fit perfectly to their differing body types.

Merlin Perton waxed cotton motorcycle jacket

Other customers praised versatility, with one calling Perton “a quality item that works really well in hot, cold, dry and wet conditions”, a sentiment echoed across a number of Merlin customer reviews.

Perton is a short cut, classically styled tech wax jacket with weatherproofing from a Reissa waterproof membrane and a removable Outlast thermal liner. D3O shoulder and elbow armour is fitted as standard.

Chigwell Lite

With a summer bias, our Chigwell Lite takes traditional summer riding gear in a different direction.

Of course, the biggest focus and feature of Chigwell Lite is the entirely mesh front, underarms and back and this is where customers leave their praise. Take a look at just a small selection of their glowing reviews of the airflow provided by Chigwell Lite. 

“You get a nice cool breeze flowing through the jacket when riding. It’s so cool you’ll need another layer on more inclement days. On a warm day it does exactly what’s needed.”

“Definitely a fan of the classic cafe racer look while maintaining the utility of the breathability of the mesh lining.”

Merlin Chigwell Lite waxed cotton motorcycle jacket in olive

“It’s soooo ventilated and light that it takes some getting used to while riding since you hardly feel it’s a motorcycle jacket. I’ve been wearing heavy leather jackets all my life while riding and that’s probably why it took me a little longer to get used to it, but it’s worth it on a hot day.”

“This thing is really comfy, moves with your body and the ventilation tech is on another level.”

Chigwell Lite blends the 8oz Cotec waxed cotton outer with mesh panelling and D3O armour to the shoulders, elbows and back.


Our Kurkbury jacket is a hit with customers worldwide. Its belted, longer length style provides a little more coverage for chillier days, while the classic outer styling masks a wealth of modern protection.

Praised for its wearability and style, one reviewer states, “An excellent product at a very competitive price. I’ve used the Kurkbury for cold weather riding and it has done a brilliant job of keeping me at a comfortable temperature. It also looks beautiful; a gorgeous vintage aesthetic with modern technology behind it. Well worth the purchase!”

While another praises the off-bike practicality too. “Absolutely love this jacket. Wanted something that looked good on and off the bike – suffice to say I’ve worn this more off the bike so far! On the bike it has a great weight, feeling sturdy but not restrictive.”

Lifestyle image of Merlin Kurkbury Cotec jacket

Finally, commenting on the seasonality and ‘bang-for-buck’ value, this customer says: “The Kurkbury is everything I’d hoped, quality feel and all the technical spec for an amazing price. I’m turning into a Merlin fanboy. While this is mid summer so I can’t comment on the NASA tech Outlast’s ability to keep you warm, its cooling properties are spot on.” 

Convinced? Head to our Find a Stockist page to locate your nearest Merlin retailer and choose a Tech Wax jacket that suits you.


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