Behind the brand: About the team carving a new line in the motorcycle gear industry

Behind the brand: About the team carving a new line in the motorcycle gear industry banner

Behind the brand: About the team carving a new line in the motorcycle gear industry

From a small barn conversion in the heart of Birmingham to a global operation in less than 10 years, the foundations of Merlin were built from over 30 years of experience across the motorcycle industry.

Merlin products are now available in over 20 countries as we continue to expand our dealer and distributor networks. You can read all about the history of the brand on the dedicated ‘Our Story’ and ‘The Future’ pages.

So, welcome to the launch of our shiny new blog, where we’ll aim to bring you tons of inspiration, advice and so much more. But seeing as we’re meeting for the first time, it’d be rude of us not to introduce ourselves. Let’s start by sharing five “fast facts” about Merlin so you can really get to know who you’re buying your gear from…

1: Bikers at heart

While not everyone who works here at Merlin rides, everybody here gets it. Whether it’s because they ride themselves or because they know someone who does, we all know what it means to be a motorcyclist.

One of our founders was once a member of the famous British Army White Helmets motorcycle display team! Don’t believe us? Here’s the evidence…

The years of riding experience racked up by the team goes directly into the product, to create a feature-packed range full of details that may not have been thought of by someone who doesn’t ride.

2: We’re all in this together…

Unlike a lot of companies out there, Merlin is a partnership – this is why you might sometimes see us referred to as ‘The Merlin Partnership’. After two years of working at Merlin, employees are given the option to hold shares in the company free of charge. Everyone who works here is committed to seeing Merlin succeed, and they get a little taste of the success too.

'Dress Up Friday' goes from one extreme to the other at Merlin HQ

3: ‘The Founding Five’

The Founding Five are the whole reason for Merlin. With over 30 years of experience in various areas of motorcycling and beyond, the five Merlin partners pieced that together to start creating protective motorcycle clothing they wanted but could not find.

While only three of the original five founders are still actively involved in the company, the other two are still very much invested, but have stepped aside to pave the way for a new generation.

4: It’s a family affair

It’s all in the blood and Merlin is now very much a family affair. With Chief Executive Steven Franklin leading the way, his two sons Patrick and James have stepped up to the plate to lead alongside him to head up the Sales and Product/Marketing teams respectively. But family doesn’t end there. Merlin is very much a community and everyone who works with us, regardless of their last name, is part of the family.

Reaching outside the four walls of the offices Merlin also works to support the local community, employing local people from the base in a small town just outside of Cannock, Staffordshire.

5: A wealth of further experience

It’s not just the founders who bring industry experience. Newer additions to the team have joined us from some of the biggest names and not just in motorcycling. From huge names in clothing and motorcycle manufacturing to global sportswear mega brands and every name in between, everybody who joins Merlin has a lot to give, regardless of where they’ve come from.

Published on 28 January, 2022 by Emily Macbeth

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