Beneath each of our products you will see a review box. This gives you an opportunity to voice your thoughts and opinions.  Whether its positive or negative we hope to constantly strive for improvement and this is how we think we can provide the best products- from customer feedback.

Here are some areas of feedback that you could include:

  • The Look & Feel Of Your Product
  • The Outer Material Feedback (For Example, Leather Finish)
  • The Inner Material Feedback (For Example, Level Of Quilting)
  • The Detailing Of Your Product (For Example, Stitching, Pockets or Embroidery)
  • The Use Of Zips (For Example, Placement or Strength)
  • The Sizing (For Example, Leg or Arm Length)
  • Protection (For Example, Placement Of CE Armour)
  • Cost & Buying Experience In Store