Airbag FAQ’s

1. If I dismount from the bike without unhooking the activation cable, does the airbag inflate?

No, it doesn’t. An activation force of approximately 15kg is required . The rider will feel the elastic activation cord as they traditional dismount on the right leg which remind the rider to unhook the activation cable. Unhooking an hooking the activating cable will become second nature and automatic after few times. In the airbag box a ‘reminder’ key ring fob is provided as a secondary fail safe.

2. Why has the mechanical triggering system been chosen?

Similarly to car safety belts, accurate and calibrated mechanical solutions are the best, most reliable and easy to use system. Electronic systems are not guaranteed to activate in the event of an accident and as such cannot pass the certification process set by the European Union for motorcycle rider airbags.

3. Can I recharge the systems after the activation?

Yes. If the Merlin Airbag is activated without impact or all is of after using the safety check list provided in the manual, it can be recharged using the recharge kit (bottle + recharge tool). The operation is very easy and it can be done in few minutes by the rider. If there was an impact or the bag fails against the safety check list, the Merlin airbag shall be sent to Italy for further inspection.

4. Does the activation cable limit the normal movement?

No, it doesn’t. The calibrated cable allows the rider to move totally freely. The activation cable is coiled to keep tension. The activation cable doesn’t keep the motorcyclist on the bike either and the rider is always free to leave the bike. In the event of an accident the calibrated cable will remain attached to the saddle strap provided. The activation cable can be re-used.

5. Can I connect the activation cable in a different point than described?

No. The hook of the activation cable must be connected only to the D ring belt (included with the Merlin Airbags) which should be mounted around the saddle.

6. How do I prepare my motorbike for its first use?

Included with the Merlin Airbag a D ring belt is provided to be mount around the saddle. The D ring element shall be positioned near the bottom of the riders seat. The carabiner fitted to the airbags systems should be attached to the D ring  by the rider when mounting the bike and unclipped before you dismount the bike.

7. I ride with a pillion passenger, can the airbag still be used in that situation?

Both rider and pillion can use an airbag each safely and alternatively they can be used independently if rider or pillion does not have an airbag.

8. Can I wear something over the airbags?

No. When the airbags are activated, the airbag requires external space to open. Anything that shall obstruct the movement of the inflating airbag system will stop the protection offered by the Merlin airbags. The systems can be worn on a race track or with suits featuring a race hump.

9. Do the Merlin airbags have an expiry date?

Every 4 years the Merlin airbags are required to be inspected. The airbag is totally dismounted and every components is checked. Then all the product is reassembled and tested. After the inspection a new 4 years life cycle begins again. Inspection and the 4 years CE inspection/service revision is at the cost of the airbag owner.

10. Can the Merlin Universal be used for a child?

Yes. As per the CE regulation this model can be used on a child 7 years and older.

Further questions, please contact us directly by phone or email.