13/08/13 | Merlin an Outlast® Manufacturer

Outlast_3_conditions_gbMerlin has become an official Outlast® licensed manufacturer and with only 3 license holders in the UK and 48 registered patents, this is an exclusive partnership that sees the Outlast® technology being brought into the Merlin product range.

Outlast® is a thermo-regulating technology developed originally for NASA. The inner technology works by taking your body heat and storing it then releasing it back as warmth if you begin to cool. Outlast® is very thin, light, flexible and soft with micro capsules that change between a solid state and liquid without you ever knowing, but ultimately regulate your temperature and reduce humidity inside the garment.

The technology used does not wash out or erode after use which means it will last and work as effectively as the first day you bought it. This is not a wicking fabric and is unlike any technology offered in the motorcycle industry. For 2013 Outlast® will be introduced into the Alpine Outlast® jacket and trouser. More info can be found on the Outlast® website here